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System Integration
Its never been more challenging building solutions with myriad of technology choices supporting an ever-dynamic business environment. The Breadth and Depth of our System Integration Capabilities enables us to leverage partners IT investments, minimize their risk and deliver complete system integration services and solutions addressed to achieve unique business needs.

We combine complex technologies together with our proven processes to maximize compatibility, interoperability and enterprise wide information integration.


System Integration portfolio offers  
Architect, Integrate and Manage custom application and information infrastructures.
Integration of Software and Hardware components
Network Integration.
Enterprise Application Integration.
Legacy to Web Migration.

Manhal Advantage
In addition to standard systems, Manhal Tech provides market-speed custom solutions including customized hardware and software. We also offer our customers value-added services such as rapid-turnaround system integration.

Research and Development
Manhal Tech is an R&D-intensive company. Our know-how enables us to offer the industry's highest-density board-level products and proprietary software.

Manhal Tech's quality management processes are embraced in every aspect of our business, guaranteeing our customers an uncompromising commitment to quality throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from product design and development, through to manufacturing, servicing and post-sales technical support.

Technical Services
Manhal Tech's Technical Services group provides customers with the service they expect from a supplier, and are committed to resolving all issues. Information received from our customers is communicated back to Manhal to help us improve our products, services and processes.


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